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Essential Tools

This store category offers the necessary tools consisting of the Designing Stylus, the Designer's Companion & the indispensable Tracing Vellum.

The Designing Stylus is the major drawing tool that is used with all the Sure-Fit Designs patterns for drawing all curves. The Designer's Companion is for all of the tight, small curves.

The Tracing Vellum is used for drawing all of your patterns. 
Designing Stylus
£ 16.95
The Sure-Fit Designs™ Designing Stylus
The essential tool for working with the Sure-Fit Designs kits. 
Tracing Vellum 640mm x 20m
£ 13.95
Tracing Vellum Roll
640mm x 20m
Strong, clear, and flexible,  it's the ideal tracing vellum to use with the Sure-Fit Designs kits.
Designer's Companion
£ 7.50
Designer's Companion
The Sure-Fit Designs™ Designer's Companion is like a mini-Designing Stylus offering tighter, smaller curved shapes.