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Fit & Sew Retreats

Sure-Fit Designs UK Fit & Sew Retreats

1 Day one-to-one Fit & Sew Days

A personal One-to-One Fit & Sew Day, tailored to an individual's needs and convenience. £220. Email me with details of what you would like to achieve and for more information and please include your phone number - .

3 Day Fit & Sew Retreats

Many people find it difficult to 'fit' clothes for themselves.  It can be difficut to take your own measurements or see how a garment is fitting around your back.

Take it from me, as someone who has attended Glenda's Fit & Sew Retreats, getting away from the distractions of home and spending time with others who want to get the best out of the Sure-Fit Designs Fitting and Sewing System is a very rewarding experience.

What happens at a 3 Day Retreat?

Each Retreat will be limited in numbers to no more than 4 people.  This means I give personal support to each attendee.  

You will receive individualised instruction and fitting assistance to help you to create your 'body blueprint' from either the Dress Kit or the Pants Kit and you will get additional tips on designing from your blueprint. There will also be lectures/demos.

As a minimum attendees need to be familiar with garment sewing and have basic to intermediate skills but do not need to be experts.

They take place near Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Attendess will need to have the relevant kit (Dress or Pants), the Designing Stylus and Tracing Vellum, and for the Pants Retreat, the Pants that Mix and Multiply book, all of which can be purchased at the retreat.

Attendees will also need to bring fabric and notions.  It is recommended that attendees bring their own sewing machine but one can be provided if required.

Elastic and waistband interfacing for the Pants Retreat will be provided.

Tea and Coffee is also provided.

Attendee quote:-

"The tuition and experience you receive when attending a retreat will help you tremendously with your garment design and excellent fit. I would highly recommend a retreat to anyone who has problems with fitting commercial patterns (which you will be able to alter after attending the retreat). You will not need to buy another commercial pattern you can design your own wardrobe and be unique!"

C.S. Southampton, Nov 16.

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If you want to be notified of dates as they become available, and before they are advertised more widely, please email me and put Retreat in the subject box.


Jan 2018 (Dress Kit) - 26th to 28th - Full

Apr 2018 (Pants Kit) - 20th to 22nd - Full

Sept 2018 (Dress Kit) - 21st to 23rd September £320 - spaces available

Oct 2018 -20th to 24th   Jacket Designing Workshop - Full

The class of

November 2016,

Fit & Sew Retreat UK

 The class of

 October 2016,

 Fit & Sew Retreat UK

   This retreat focused on

   the Pants Kit..

Below, photos from  Fit & Sew Retreats in Eugene, Oregon.