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DVD Courses & Tutorials

In-depth visual instruction on working with all of the Sure-Fit Designs pattern kits. These DVD courses provide you with detailed steps and explanations.

All DVDs* on this page come with a free code to access the course on the web; ideal for use with tablets and other mobile devices or laptops with no DVD drive.

* with the exception of Make It Sew

Darts: Versatile and Amazing! DVD
£ 13.95
Darts: Versatile and Amazing! DVD Video Course
1˝ hours of detailed instruction, 6 chapters, 4 designs.

SFD How-to DVD
£ 26.95
Sure-Fit Designs How to DVD
This introductory How-To DVD is 3 hr. 45 minutes in duration - a 2-DVD set.
It is the starting point to draw your Body Blueprint.

Make it Sew – Beginners Series  -  SET of 4 DVDs
£ 33.95
Make It Sew - Beginner’s Sewing Series DVD Tutorials
This educational DVD set covers the basics for becoming a successful seamstress.

Bodice Fitting Course
£ 49.95
Bodice Course DVD
Fit and sew your Bodice blueprint to fit like a dream.

Shirt Fitting Course DVD
£ 40.95
Shirt Fitting Course DVD
Complete shirt fitting course, 15 lessons, 2 DVDs, 3˝ hours.

Pants Fitting Course DVD
£ 68.95
Pants Fitting Course DVD
14 Comprehensive Lessons, Fit & Sew trousers like a Pro! Almost 3 hours of tutorials.

SFD Jeans “Behind the Scenes” DVD
£ 24.95
SFD Jeans "Behind the scenes” Course DVD
10 comprehensive lessons. Fit and sew Jeans successfully.

Fitting Commercial Patterns DVD
£ 17.50
Fitting Commercial Patterns DVD
8 Comprehensive lessons to help you evaluate & fit your commercial patterns.