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Fashion Design Leaflets

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Fashion Design LeafletsFashion Design Leaflets
These leaflets show you how to design items using your body blueprint master pattern. There are 10 to choose from.

These leaflets are paper leaflets that will be posted to you.  If you would prefer to save money and buy the downloadable leaflet which you can access as soon as you have bought it please click on this link -
Downloadable fashion leaflets link

Leaflet #1 
Raglan & Dolman Sleeves 
This leaflet shows you how to design and draw both a raglan and a dolman sleeve style. 
You can use either your Sure-Fit Desig
ns Dress Kit or Shirt Kit.

Leaflet #2
Divided/Split Skirt / Culottes
Have fun creating comfortable culottes or divided skirt from your Sure-Fit Designs Pants Kit.  
Two different style options are given in the directions.

Leaflet #3
Sporty Denim Jacket
Use your Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit to design this casual and sporty Jacket.  
Use denim or other durable bottom-weight fabric, then wear with your jeans or other casual pants.  

Leaflet #4
Lapel Designing Instructions
The instructions for this lapel feature can be applied to either your Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit or Dress Kit bodice front.  The Dress Kit will provide a more fitted 'blazer' look.

Leaflet #5
Tube Neckline Sweatshirt
Dress 'em up!  Sweatshirts are always comfortable, easy to wear and quick to design and sew.  This particular style is designed from your Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit.  The rolled tube neckline makes this particularly unique

Leaflet #6
Leotard / Swim / Exercise (Bodywear)
Call it a leotard, swim, exercise or bodysuit, by any name, the designing technique is basically the same.  These instructions guide you through getting the right fit for your torso when using the Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit. 

Leaflet #7
Maternity Ideas - both tops and pants
These designing instructions offer a bodice front in 2 different styles and how to raise and widen the waist area for early months of pregnancy.

Leaflet #8
Easy Wrap Pants
These trousers (pants) are so comfortable.  The waist edge is widened using a unique side waist extension, then velcro is added at the waist for closure.  As your waist changes - just adjust the velcro - providing total comfort!!! 

Leaflet #9
Flounce Collar Overblouse
This very fashionable blouse is designed with the Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit.  
It features a V-neck, flounce collar and is semi-fitted.  Shown as an over-blouse but could easily be tucked in.

Leaflet #10
Draped Front Bodice & Petal Sleeve Designing
This feminine bodice features a flared/flounced front drape that can be applied to either the Sure-Fit Designs Dress or Shirt Kit.  This drape can be extended down into the high hip area resulting in a slenderizing and flattering design.
The Petal sleeve offers a split sleeve design.  Great for summer wear for children or adults.  It's also a particularly adaptive design for the large upper arm.

Great Value Combos
You can also purchase the Fashion Leaflets as part of the Works Combo package found in the Discounted Combo section of the store.