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Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Kit 18 reels

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Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Kit 18 reels

Discover our all-rounder Mettler cotton sewing thread: Silk Finish Cotton 50.  

When sewing cotton fabric it is always recommended to use natural threads because they stand up better to heat when pressing seams.

Our thread is suitable for


  • sewing

  • top stitching

  • spooling

  • embroidery

  • quilting 

  • Versatile and elegant: the sewing thread inspires with its luxurious look and smooth feel. A mercerization process during the thread production makes the sewing thread more tearproof, low-shrink and iron-proof. With this sewing thread you are buying high-quality paired with versatility, a true all-rounder!

    This is a box of 18 reels (18 colours) with 150m of thread on each reel which makes the set excellent value.