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Pants Kit

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Pants Kit
The Sure-Fit Designs™ Pants Kit
Stride with grace and confidence, anywhere you go, in great looking, well fitting trousers (pants) from Sure-Fit Designs™.

Hi Judith, just to let you know I've made up my [trouser] sloper pattern.  I am delighted.  It fits a treat. I'm going to make one pair straight from the sloper, with side pockets, then I'm going to try the princess style, I found it on the video library after you mentioned it to me"  Thelma, UK

How it works:
Your unique measurements are applied to the Sure-Fit Designs Master Patterns.  The resulting pattern accurately reflects your body shape and circumferences creating a personalised fit.

Apply 5 individual measurements to the distinctive Sure-Fit Designs™ Pants Master Patterns and achieve an exclusive fit matched only by the stimulating style and fashion of your new trousers. The Sure-Fit Designs™ Pants Pattern Kit consists of the Master Patterns, Pants Kit Instruction Book and techniques to achieve your personalized custom pattern. With hip sizes ranging from 28" to 62" (71 -157.5 cm), it will accommodate all types of shapes, from straight to heart-shaped (apple) to diamond-shaped (pear) hips. Flat derrieres and asymmetrical body types are an easy fit for the Sure-Fit Designs™ Pants Kit.

Watch the video below for more information.

Pants Kit Contents
The Pants Kit Contents - What's in the kit?
  • Master Pattern - Trousers Front & Back
  • Master Pattern - Trousers Back & Back
  • Master Pattern - Patch Pocket (3 shapes)
  • Master Pattern - Inseam Pocket
  • Master Pattern - Waistband
  • Master Pattern - Zipper Guard
  • Master Pattern - Fly Front Extension
  • Latest 5th Edition Pants Kit Instruction Book - 28 page - value in every page

What can be made from this kit?
Trousers - various leg styles, Jogging bottoms, Yoked & Pleated Dress Trousers, Harem Trousers, Jeans

Not included
- Designing Stylus (curved drawing tool).  
This essential tool is required to draw the patterns for all of the kits and offered separately to allow customers to buy kit only options where they already own a stylus. 
- Tracing Vellum (paper) also available separately.

These are also available as part of the discounted Combos along with the important tracing vellum

Designing Stylus

You will also need to have your own tape measure, pencil, eraser, yard stick, notions and of course fabric.

Great Value Combos:

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