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RollbeRollbe Curve Measuring Wheel

A measuring tool for curves

How it works:

Taking accurate measurements of curves such as the armscye, sleeve cap, crotch and any curved seam is essential to getting patterns to fit well.   They are also useful for measuring lines on plans, technical drawing and any other practical application where you want to measure curves and straights.

Measuring with a tape edge is not easy but with the Rollbe curves and straights can be measured with ease. The Rollbe has a serrated edge for better grip.

Choose from a 20cm Rollbe or an 8" Rollbe using the drop down option list above. These Rollbes come with a black soft protective case (not available in brown).

4" and 10cm Keyring versions also available in black or brown cases (these are normally shipped in a black case but if you would prefer brown please advise in the special instructions when checking out).

Please note: the styles of the Rollbe may vary from the pictures (some have grey handles and writing others are brass and black).

View the two videos below for more information.

We can ship Rollbes to any country. If the shopping cart says shipping is not available for your country please contact us.

Made by The Work of Mind.