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Peplum Blouse

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This digital pattern designing instructions are intended for use with your personalised patterns drawn from the Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit.


As we head into the next season, sew yourself a comfy blouse from your Dress Kit - our newest digital Fashion Leaflet called the Peplum Trumpet Blouse. The peplum is asymmetrical - shorter in the front...longer in the back - and flows over your hips so nicely.

The trumpet portion is the flared detail that finishes the sleeves. Needless to say, if you prefer a sleeve with a simple straight finish, just leave the trumpet feature off and extend the sleeve as long as you desire.

The design features a super comfortable blouson elastic waist and a center back opening at the back neckline for a small ball button and loop closure for easy access.

This digital fashion leaflet will give you the designing and drawing details, and will show you how to sew it together.

Once purchased, you can download the leaflet in the downloads area of Your Account on the Desktop Site.