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Shirt Fitting Course DVD

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Shirt Fitting Course DVD Shirt Fitting Course DVD

Complete shirt fitting course, 15 lessons, 2 DVDs, 3 hours. 

15 Comprehensive Lessons, Fit & Sew shirts like a Pro! 

This combination gives you the tools needed to use the Sure-Fit Designs system to create personalised shirt patterns.

- Get in-depth information on sewing the perfect fitting shirt pattern.
- 2-DVD set with 15 individual Lessons
- Downloadable manual
- 3 hours of video content
- Lots of close-ups
- How to quickly add a bust dart when needed
- Detailed steps to add piping
- Complete step-by-step sewing construction details demonstrated
- 38 precise Pro-Tips on Fitting & Sewing
- Filmed in HD for detailed clarity

Fit & sew successfully and love the finished results

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